NiftyRec source and binaries are hosted on Sourceforge, click on the links below to download. Instructions on how to install NiftyRec are in the Wiki.

Latest version:

Mac OSX binary self installer – Cuda: NiftyRec-2.3.2-Darwin-x86_64_cuda.dmg
Linux Debian (Ubuntu,Knoppix,..) – Cuda: NiftyRec-2.3.2-Linux-x86_64_cuda.deb
Windows binary self installer – Cuda: NiftyRec-2.0.1-Win64_cuda.exe

Mac OSX binary self installer – no Cuda: NiftyRec-2.3.2-Darwin-x86_64_nocuda.dmg
Linux Debian (Ubuntu,Knoppix,..) – no Cuda: NiftyRec-2.3.2-Linux-x86_64_nocuda.deb
Windows binary self installer – no Cuda: NiftyRec-2.0.1-Win64_nocuda.exe

Source code

Older versions:

Other versions of NiftyRec can be found here: (click on this link to see the release notes)

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